Pilates Training in Hollywood, FL

Pilates for Every Body

One on One Pilates lessons in Hollywood, FL

Archer Pilates Studio in Hollywood,  takes special care to ensure that you will have an optimal, gentle and functional movement experience that will help you with posture, strength and alignment. The Pilates apparatus: Reformer, Trapeze table (Cadillac), CoreAlign®, Wunda Chair, ExoChair, Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel, Orbit® and MOTR® are all used to give you a variety of challenging exercises tailored to your unique ability. We recommend private sessions to give you the opportunity to optimize your movement and body awareness before trying group classes. During private sessions, you can work at your own pace towards your particular fitness goals. If you have had an injury, are recovering from a surgery, or feel like you need a more cautious, personal approach then the private Pilates session is what you need. 

Balance and Posture


Pilates is helpful as we age because it encourages a stronger mind-body connection. This is important to minimize loss of balance and risk of falling. Fall prevention and resisted strengthening are helpful in decreasing incidence of osteoporotic fractures. Proper alignment during exercises and activities of daily living helps keep muscles strong and prevent straining our neck and back joints and supportive ligaments. Pilates teaches us to be in control of our body - not at it's mercy!

Mindful Movement


Pilates Mat, Apparatus, CoreAlign® and MOTR® exercises will help keep your joints mobile, your muscles long and strong, your balance and posture optimal. Every body can benefit from Pilates when your training is structured and tailored to your specific needs and ability. Remember: Motion is Lotion, and conscious competence in movement is the goal!

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