GYROTONIC® in Hollywood, FL



GYROTONIC® is a series of patterned, fluid movements that allows the body to mobilize and open in multiple planes assisted by the support of the machine with resistance through a system of pulleys. 


Who can Benefit?

GYROTONIC® is beneficial to every type of body from elite dancers and athletes, people with neurological challenges, aging adults and Pilates enthusiasts looking for a new challenging way to expand their movement repertoire. Archer Pilates Studio in Hollywood, convenient to Hollywood, Aventura, Hallandale, Sunny Isles Beach and Golden Beach specializes in GYROTONIC® private sessions. 


It looks difficult! Can I do it!?

At first glance, the GYROTONIC® machine may appear intimidating. During the first few sessions, you will learn simple,  patterned movements. With practice and repetition, movements become more fluid and easy, allowing you to experience the benefits of a more flexible, less restricted neuromuscular system. It is a great way to gently move stiff joints!

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