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2018 Pilates Teacher Training in Hollywood: Courses and Workshops

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Mat 2 Instructor Training - Global

October 19-20, 2018

Friday October 19, 12pm-7pm

Saturday October 20, 9am-6pm

Instructor: Patricia Kreiner, PMA®- CPT


 Mat 2 includes the remaining intermediate and  advanced level exercises as well as essential movement principles and  training tips for advancing clients to the higher levels. Pilates for  sports specific activities are also covered.

Prerequisites: Mat 1


Early registration $399 before 9/27/18 then $449. Additional $80 for course materials. 

Anatomy in Three Dimensions Instructor Training - Global

November 3-4, 2018

Saturday November 3, 10am - 7pm

Sunday November 4, 9am -6pm

Instructor: Patricia Kreiner, PMA®- CPT


 Build  the body from the inside out with Anatomy in Three Dimensions™. Learn  the structure and function of bones, joints, muscles, tendons and  ligaments as well as the origin, insertion and action of the major  muscles of movement by building them yourself on a specially designed  skeleton. There is no better way to learn anatomy! Learn how muscles  move by experiencing each muscle group in action and relating these  exercises to functional movement. This course covers the body from the  knees through the shoulders. The lower leg and arm are covered in  additional courses.  


$549 Early registration before 10/12/2018

then $599. Additional $80 for course materials. Trail Guide to the Body, 5th Edition (optional but highly recommended) can be purchased when registering or online. 

Trapeze Table/Cadillac/Tower Instructor Training - Global

November 16-18, 2018

Friday November 16, 1pm-7pm

Saturday November 17, 9am -5pm

Sunday November 18, 9am-4pm

Instructor: Patricia Kreiner, PMA®- CPT


 The Balanced Body Trapeze Table/Cadillac/Tower  training provides a thorough introduction to Trapeze Table and Tower  exercises as well as applications for beginning, post-rehabilitation and  advanced clients. This training is appropriate for students working  with the Allegro® or Allegro 2 Tower of Power®, Half Trapeze and Wall  Tower as well as those working with full Trapeze Tables. Sequencing  programs using multiple pieces of equipment are covered as well as  equipment set up, safety and maintenance.  

 Prerequisite: Reformer 3 or Reformer certificate


$549 Early registration before 10/25/18 then $599. Additional $80 course materials. 

Mat 3: Enhanced Pilates Mat + Props - Global

December 1-2, 2018

Saturday December 1, 10am-7pm

Sunday December 2, 9am -6pm

Instructor: Patricia Kreiner, PMA®- CPT

 ACE, PMA, AFAA, NASM 16 CECs  Enhanced Pilates Mat completes the mat  training by adding rings, rollers, bands and balls to the traditional  Mat exercises. In addition, Enhanced Mat includes functional exercises  for the upper and lower body expanding the Mat work beyond the core to  develop whole body strength and flexibility. The Balanced Body  programming system is introduced to make class design easy, effective  and fun. Adding props to a mat class makes them more dynamic, creative  and accessible and clients love toys!  Progressions, regressions and modifications to make Pilates Mat useful for everyone.
Enhanced Pilates Mat + Props expands the concept of Pilates mat to reach  a wider audience and create new fitness opportunities for you and your clients. 


Early registration $399 before 10/31/2018 then $449. Additional $80 for course materials. 


We will be posting the 2019 course schedule when it is finalized. The full course schedule can be accessed on Balanced Body®'s Education Finder™ site and on PMA's site.